Case Studies – Advocacy

Client: Olympic Bid City

Challenge: Though emboldened by strong provincial support, this “bid city” had to raise awareness of its candidacy and legacy among the Olympic community, including athletes and alumni.  The client had to promote the benefits of its bid to Olympic executives and voting members, while also mitigating the eccentric nature of a previous attempt, and alleviate concerns related to broader national political issues.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals were asked to provide guidance and insight into a process for building strong relationships with national sports federations, local business leaders and regional influencers.

Results: The client received a comprehensive national campaign strategy – including  background studies, personality profiles and policy briefs – to support executive advocacy efforts to win support among critical voting blocs. Advised bid team on presentation strategies and delivery. Positioned the bid group as the favourite to win selection as an Olympic candidate city.  Provided crisis management advice as political issues threatened to negatively impact the vote.



Client: Urban Developer Seeking Approval for Downtown Property

Challenge: Rather than build tracts of housing or apartments, the client aspired to create a campus, or village, in the city, a self-contained place with mixed and wildly divergent uses.

Assignment:  PresterJohn principals advocated for concessions related to potential development along main streets and provided analysis of municipal expropriation and provincial environmental remediation policies.

Results: The client site is now fully developed with condominiums, townhouse, commercial office space, a data centre, restaurants, sports facilities and other livability amenities.



Client: Leading Canadian Real Estate Developer

Challenge: The client aspired to expand its business into the management and re-development of prominent public sector buildings for retail and commercial uses.

Assignment:  PresterJohn principals provided advice on third-party property management opportunities, as well as federal, provincial and local government real estate policies and processes.  Provided introductions at the highest levels in government; arranged deadline extensions; prepared business models for private/public partnerships; supported a proposal for the re-development of downtown heritage property.

Results: The client received on-going public affairs advice to support internal marketing initiatives.



Client: Leading North American Waste Management Company

Challenge: In order to present their solution to a large municipal organization, the client first had to defeat a competing proposal with a 20-year timeline and strong political support.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals prepared policy briefs and reports on the political environment, advised the client on intervention strategies and tactics; developed an advocacy campaign to raise its corporate profile; lobbied at all levels of government in support of an energy/waste solution; organized facility tours for key politicians and policy-makers; built a coalition of support to defeat opponents and ensure retention of existing business; prepared notices of motion and intelligence to facilitate arguments in political forum; represented this American firm in its presentations to public officials.

Results: PresterJohn principals eliminated the leading, long-term landfill option from consideration, thereby opening Ontario’s largest municipal market to this leading U.S. waste management company.