Case Studies – Business Development

Client: Largest Public Affairs/Relations Agency in Canada

Challenge: This international firm had built practice group capability to cover all important policy areas in most Canadian provinces, as well as the federal government, and in prominent jurisdictions in the United States, but had no presence in the municipal space.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals were engaged to build a municipal government practice group to bring corporate representation to city hall.

Results:  PresterJohn principals established successful and lucrative municipal governmental affairs practice group, offering the company capability across North America.  Furthermore, the new practice group created synergies that enhanced the company’s ability to leverage multi-jurisdictional opportunities between the municipal, provincial and federal governments.  Leveraged public affairs need into a broader strategic communications offering, resulting in more than $4 million in new revenue over four years; generated municipal-based new revenue of approximately $2 million, exceeding each annual projection over four years by 50 to 100 per cent.



Client: International Infrastructure Consultant

Challenge: This internationally recognized engineering and consulting firm appointed a CEO to head the Canadian office who was unfamiliar with the domestic market.  He then sought advice on how to win a signature project that would firmly signal his leadership of the company and position him as a thought leader on infrastructure-related issues.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals delivered extensive analysis of Canadian infrastructure and urban renewal opportunities, arranged meetings with key decision-makers, drafted executive briefings and leadership profiles, identified potential signature projects and provided on-going strategic advice.  Prepared executive advocacy campaign.  Arranged key meetings with leaders in government and business community.

Results: CEO quickly assimilated into “thought community” on major policy issues related to sustainable development, environment, energy, infrastructure and urban renewal.  Firm recognized as a critical service provider and advisor, and hired as lead consultant/advisor on largest waterfront re-development effort in North America.  CEO promoted to prominent international role within corporate executive.



Client: Leading Canadian Engineering Firm

Challenge: The convergence of fragmented policy oversight by the provincial government and the inadequate coordination of municipal programs created a less than optimum business development climate for this prominent engineering firm.

Assignment: The client requested a program that would highlight areas of policy differentiation and identify various business development opportunities that might emerge from either the lack of coordination and/or a drive towards resolution.

Results: PresterJohn met with multiple municipal and provincial officials in face-to-face interviews in order to prepare a detailed multi-governmental policy matrix and opportunity assessment to guide client marketing initiatives.  PresterJohn organized a collaborative public/private workshop to present findings and initiate business development partnerships.



Client: National Telecommunications Provider

Challenge: A blue-chip telecommunications carrier with aggressive national expansion plans for its mobile business required competitive insight into new regional markets already well served by incumbent providers.

Assignment: PresterJohn was requested to develop a business development and public affairs strategy to guide corporate executive activities, and focus regional management on relationship building with key business leaders, potential partners and local media. Provided on-going advice on policy options related to cellular technology, public safety and procurement.

Results: The program guiding corporate outreach was adopted in line with the desired pace for corporate expansion.  With a detailed and comprehensive written plan augmented by in-person executive briefings, the client was able to pursue its expansion plans with full and complete understanding of the issues driving local markets and media. A full-time, dedicated public affairs specialist hired to manage the program.  The public affairs strategy served as principle guide for corporate outreach activities for more than three years.



Client: Information Technology Industry – Re-selling

Challenge: In a highly competitive business environment in which many vendors compete for public sector IT procurement opportunities, this mid-sized technology company sought to raise its profile, broaden its exposure, enhance its marketing skills and increase public sector sales.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals performed a competitive assessment of the service offering and proposed ways to bring it into alignment with public sector processes and procedures.  PresterJohn provided detailed executive briefings related to government business priorities and public sector procurement policies, and also provided sales managers with on-going advice related to public sector marketing.

Results: Despite a narrow internal talent base, little external profile and no previous exposure to the public sector market, the client was successfully included on a shortlist vendor-of-record, allowing the company to freely market its services and solutions to government decision-makers.



Client: Information Technology Provider – Advisory Services

Challenge: Unprecedented success led to the merger of multiple client business units from three distinct regions across Canada, resulting in the need to raise the profile of the unified company with regional media and re-position the company as vendor-of-record with public sector procurement officers.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals developed an extensive communications plan to coordinate corporate messages, managed the logistics related to national merger announcement, and developed a comprehensive key contact program to raise awareness of company through the transition period.  PresterJohn principals also provided comprehensive, on-going strategic guidance related to provincial and municipal procurement policies, including the development of client-specific, public sector focused marketing material.

Results: PresterJohn successfully facilitated the merger of multiple business units from three distinct regions across Canada.  The new company was successfully included on selected vendor of record with key government agencies and departments.



Client: Information Technology Provider – Software

Challenge: After a disastrous presentation the client engaged PresterJohn consultants to negotiate a second chance on large municipal technology procurement.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals advocated on behalf of the client to win a re-consideration of its procurement submission with both municipal and provincial governments.  Engaged in direct contact with municipal and provincial decision-makers; framed arguments for client executive team; coached client on presentations; negotiated with government officials on protocol and terms for re-consideration.

Results: On the basis of this comprehensive strategic guidance and advocacy services provided, both municipal and provincial officials were convinced in the merits of re-considering client offering, and as a result the client ultimately won inclusion on the short list of vendors for provincial and municipal procurement opportunities.