Case Studies – Communication

Client: National Olympic Association

Challenge: Despite a national mandate and an internationally recognized brand, the client sought to improve its relationship with government decision-makers and deliver more effective programs related to grassroots outreach, regional business development, and online media.

Assignment: Based on the success of a communications and advocacy assignment for a “bid city” campaign, PresterJohn principals were retained to develop innovative programming to build critical relationships and engage emerging and non-traditional audiences.

Results: PresterJohn principals prepared an extensive national business plan to guide communications and outreach to support existing media strategies and create productive marketing, sponsorship and partnership opportunities in local communities and regional markets. As a result of the assignment, government came to perceive the client as a full partner in development of sports policy, not just a stakeholder.

Client: Large Energy Distribution Company

Challenge: New executive team forced to build new relationships and present renewed mandate to politicians, media and investors because of changes in the regulatory environment, local governance and stakeholders’ expectations.

Assignment: PresterJohn was engaged to explain the impact of regulatory changes, the fallout from local election results and the amendments to governance/shareholder model. Prepared communications plan to guide relationship building. Supported outreach with political audiences and advocacy as required.

Results: In a world turned upside down in short order, the client quickly recognized government priorities, knew the key players, and had a deep understanding of needs going forward.

Client: Major Federal Government Agency

Challenge: Despite status as a federal agency, the client had to raise its profile, build awareness and improve its competitive intelligence in selected public sector markets, while improving its relationships with potential private sector partners.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals helped to prepare a community engagement manual. Identified key decision-makers and potential industry partners; made introductions to critical influencers; provided analysis and background to support key contact program; developed community relations strategies to support outreach. PresterJohn principals also provided competitive intelligence related to infrastructure investment, environmental remediation and waterfront development for this federal real estate agency.

Results: Community relations manual used to guide local outreach initiatives. Many corporate plans were refined on the basis of the competitive intelligence and analysis provided, positioning the company as a sectoral leader on key infrastructure projects. Client still actively engaged in sustained relationships with private sector partners.

Client: Regional Home Improvement Outlet

Challenge: With plans for expansion outside of its home district, the client needed to raise its profile in communities across Canada.

Assignment: PresterJohn principals developed a national outreach program to engage senior government officials and community leaders; prepared a community relations manual to engage corporate resources at the franchise level in support of grassroots participation; provided on-going advice and guidance to senior management team.

Results: The client is now one of the largest and most prosperous home improvement vendors in Canada, with a widely recognized brand and a reputation for strong community programs.